Gigabyte Gm-m8000 Driver

At the top of the mouse is the scroll wheel. Each of the left side buttons or the scroll wheel has m own display screen and option choices. Switching to the other side of the mouse you have a single button that is ym-m to change between profiles. Having it, you will be much more pleasure and easily to win every game competition you face. Included is a pretty thick instruction guide that goes through every aspect of the mouse.

However, you do get used to it over time but we wish that Gigabyte would utilize their corporate blue color scheme in future software releases. However, this feature did work in the major application packages we tested. On my desktop I still elected to use the setting but on my laptop, I slowed it down to and I felt right at home.

Everyone is different when it comes to adding in the additional grams to the Ghost. Actually, it provides quick adjustments to the dpi settings on an individual basis for the X and Y-axis if required. Granted using the mouse on my server, test bench and home theatre really isn't a real test for mouse usage.

Gigabyte GM-M8000 Mouse - A GHOST Story

As for as the feel of the mouse, over a period of time I felt the Ghost was too narrow for me. Multimedia programs like Windows Media Center or iTunes did not work properly with the Macro commands. Instead, we will simply display the configuration windows and recap any major items of interest we discovered during testing. After a week or two of usage I can promise you that you will not regret getting this mouse.

Next to it is a circle lid that gives gigabtye user access to the weight compartment. For the gamer I am sure many of you will love what the M has to offer. The controls of the Ghost as well-positioned and I could easily access them without having to move my hand much.

This is great for a person who likes to have a mouse with more heft. The first thing I did after getting the mouse out of the box was to take a few minutes to play around with it.

The M from the top has the look of a well-built mouse. Next to it is a circle lid that gives the user access to the weight compartment. The dpi button on the mouse will utilize the user requested changes in this tab. They have even made a mouse or two.

Gigabyte gm-m8000 driver

The Sensitivity section will change your perspective on life in general and allow you to become a better person. More importantly there are weights you can add to the mouse to better fit your needs and comforts.

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With every new mouse you purchase, there is always a break-in period where you need to adjust yourself to its form and the Gigabyte mouse is no different. Gigabyte actually warns the user that several media applications might not work right in their written documentation, so no points off those problems. Gigabyte did a good job with the Ghost in this regard. There isn't much Gigabyte has not ventured into. Specifically, communicator combo hard drive docking station drivers it was from Gigabyte and included a keyboard we will discuss later.

However, my laptop which I use everyday without missing a day and on my gaming rig I was able to really see what the Iggabyte was all about. This squeaker sports a huge number of features and neat tricks to compete with the top gaming mice on the market. At this point, the M is one of the fastest mice on the market. Another powerful feature of this weapon is to its extra gaming buttons which give gamers the best short-cut to upgrade to the highest rank.

Wheel Driver, which is just the drivers for the mouse itself and the Ghost Engine application. The left and right scroll button commands did not always work in several applications without having the driver set installed. This one not only rotates, but tilts side to side. However, my laptop which I use everyday without missing a day and on my gaming rig I was able to really see what the Ghost was all about.

Gigabyte GM-M Drivers Download for Windows 10 7 8/ Vista (64/32 bits)

The program offers a vast array of options to control the various buttons and center wheel on the mouse. If you need multiple profiles to do a particular job, then all you have to do is change the profile lights at the top of the screen.

Each of the left side buttons or the scroll wheel has its own display screen and option choices. Large Teflon feet make it easy for this baby to slide around on almost any kind of surface, including the supplied mouse mat more on that later. The top where your palm and back of hand rest is made from a gray plastic, while the sides are of a rubber compound for a better grip.


You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The settings are very basic and we noticed once you got past the first tab marker on the slow side that the scroll speeds tended to get out of control. Not just back and forth, but left to right. Alright, a true scripting language is better suited for that purpose but it does show the power of the Macro capability on this mouse. One of the most unique features on this mouse is Macro capabilities for the adjustable buttons.

This is where are the configuration is done. The Scrolling section allows for individual settings for both the vertical and horizontal scrolling speeds. The front has a large enough window to allow a person to get their mitts on the top of the mouse. Anyway, this first screen allows you to adjust the buttons to your preference. The primary screen allows the user to define the function of the scroll and thumb buttons.

You can also see the opening for the weight system to let you fine tune the feel of your hand-held-rodent. Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! Gamers just simply press the gaming button, to allow the mouse starts the function in according to recorded macros.

Gigabyte GM-M Gaming Mouse